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Chronic Lyme disease: Everything you need to know

Lyme disease comes from a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. Ticks, most commonly the deer tick, spread Lyme disease. Doctors usually treat the infection with antibiotics. With treatment, Lyme disease typically clears up quickly for…

What to know about positional headaches

A positional headache is a type of headache that usually occurs when sitting or standing up and goes away fairly shortly after lying down. Positional headaches are also known as orthostatic, postural, and low pressure headaches. Leaks of…

What can cause back pain and nausea?

Some common causes of back pain and nausea include: Stomach virus or food poisoning Share on Pinterest A person with back pain and nausea may be experiencing a stomach virus or food poisoning.Gastroenteritis causes pain and inflammation in…

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